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Betting Gods Review

There are an irrefutably high number of tipsters available and sorting the quality goods from the refuse can be a troublesome undertaking. By and by, I have a progression of warnings that I pay special mind to.

These incorporate things like an absence of sealing, convoluted staking plans that blow up the benefits, and above all of all, no ludicrous cases.



Obviously there are a sure type of tipsters that fly up on an apparently week by week premise that contain these. They can be promptly expelled.

Next up are the reams of autonomous tipsters, every one of whom appear to giving it a certified go.

These are folks who are doing their best to transform their wagering information into a wage. The issue here is that these administrations frequently do not have the sort of benefits that legitimize their costs (things like £50 for 12 focuses benefit for every month).

Enter tipster stables. There are various illustrations accessible and I have as of now gave rather generous scope of Betfan, apparently the biggest tipster stable on the planet.

Lamentably, greatest isn’t generally best which is the place Betting Gods come in. I will dig further into this relative newcomer beneath, however there is a considerable measure to be exceptionally amped up for.

What You Get:

  • – Access to the tipsters advertised, and their daily selections.
  • – Free Trials.
  • – Full help and support.
  • – After sales support from Betting Gods.

Who Are Betting Gods Ltd?

Betting Gods is what I refer to as a tipster stable. This means that it is an online service that brings together a number of different tipsters under a single platform (the same roof).

This allows Betting Gods to manage their tipsters’ services, market them and most importantly for you as a punter, ensure that the best quality tips are made available.

The whole operation is managed by Darren Moore who has bags of experience in the field of operating tipster services. In terms of what you can get from Betting Gods, it links punters up with tipsters in a variety of different disciplines. From football to golf, and horse racing to rugby.

Naturally, this variety means that there is something for everybody, no matter what type of betting you like, or your approach.

Betting Gods was founded almost 2 years ago and to say that it has grown exponentially is something of an understatement. It was born out of Darren Moore parting ways with his old business partner, Neil Stevens-Wood.

The pair had preciously run Tipster Warehouse, a similar set up to Betting Gods.

Who are the Betting Gods Tipsters?

Almost all of the different tipster services that Betting Gods is involved with have their own individual tipster behind the service, with very few choosing to extend themselves.

In fact, the only tipster who offers more than one service is one Quentin Frank. It is important to pick up on his involvement with Betting Gods, as well as to look at how long he has stuck around.

This is because when Darren Moore founded Betting Gods, Quentin Frank came with him from his previous stable.

Each of the tipsters have their own approach to betting and this is something that is clearly reflected if you take the time out to look at the results from one service to the next. Whilst some of the tipsters will tend to focus on value and outsiders, others prefer to look at their strike rate and win more often, albeit generally for less profit per bet.

Best services includes below:

Value Racing Tips

Master Racing Tipster

Big Race Bookie Busters

The Sports Guru

Max Racing Tips

The Each Way King

Golf Betting Expert

Is Betting Gods safe?

I can genuinely say with the utmost confidence that Betting Gods is probably the safest tipster service on the market. As well as the transparency and honesty that Darren Moore provides, there are free tips, 30 day trials and finally, all subscription options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank.

This is unprecedented in the tipster community with almost all other tipsters taking the approach that the dice fall how they fall and if you’re out of pocket, then it sucks to be you.

By offering the Clickbank money back guarantee, Darren Moore ensures that if for any reason one of Betting Gods’ services doesn’t meet your expectations, at all, there is an ironclad 2 month period to claim a refund.

This is possible as Clickbank actively process refunds themselves which means it is out of the hands of a vendor.

With all of this in mind, I would invite you to cast your mind back to the fact that Darren Moore wrote an article for Clickbank about his low refund rate. I think that this nicely sums up just how safe Betting Gods is as an investment.

All of that having been said, Betting Gods ultimately deals with tipsters and this means that there is bound to be some variation in performance from one month to the next. The fact is that any kind of investment or betting cannot be said to be 100% safe but I feel comfortable in saying that Darren Moore has done everything that he can to make it as close as possible.

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