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Does Your Partner Snore a Lot? – It’s Time to Cure Snoring

One thing that can surely come between you and your sound sleep is your partner’s snoring habit. You love your partner a lot and do not want to pin point on small things and don’t want to constantly nag him about the way his snoring disturbs your sleep. But let me tell you, snoring is not only an issue for you as you can’t get sound sleep when the person next to you in bed snores; it can also be a major concern for the health of the person who snores. Snoring is a kind of disease in which the snorer suffers along with the people around him during the night.


What causes snoring?

Snoring results from the vibration of respiratory structures which actually occurs when the passage of airway for breathing gets narrower. This may happen due to several reasons. The cause of snoring varies from person to person and you need to carefully examine the actual reason of why the person snores.

The common cause of snoring is obesity. If you have a modern lifestyle and depend on junk food a lot, there is a high chance you being overweight. The fat tissues in the neck area can block the airway to result in snoring. Other common causes for snoring are drinking alcohol, smoking and medications. Some medications can cause relaxation of the muscles which allow air to enter into the body resulting in snoring.

The way you sleep or your sleeping posture can also be a reason for snoring. Generally if your partner lies on his back he may snore a lot. Apart from the common causes of snoring there can be other serious reasons like breathing or sinus problems. Don’t neglect them. Snoring can become a major health problem so it’s good if you consult a doctor and find the actual reason of the snoring habit.

Why should you take snoring seriously?

You must be thinking that snoring is such a common thing for everyone and it hardly makes any difference to the person who snores because he’s actually sound asleep while snoring!

You may be right in thinking that snoring is a very common problem but you are wrong when you think that it doesn’t affect the person who snores. Because actually the person who snores is the most vulnerable victim and the snoring greatly affects his or her lifestyle as well.

What is the most common thing you noticed in your partner and could not find the reason for it? That thing, my friend, is fatigue. Snoring makes the person feel drowsy during the day. It might be that your partner is having a serious breathing problem while you are just ignoring it thinking of it as snoring and hence, being a small issue. Sleep apnea is a threatening breathing problem and if the snoring is too loud or too a great extent, a doctor should be consulted at the earliest.

How to confront your partner about his snoring?

You love your partner a lot and he loves you. But no matter how deep and lovely a relationship is, a snoring habit can annoy anyone and could bring about a little bit of bitterness in the relationship. But don’t worry, you can handle the problem in an easy manner and never let snoring come between the two of you.

Be sweet and playful. Don’t just bash on your partner because he snores a lot. After all it’s not in his control.Tell him sweetly that his snoring disturbs your sleep and may be affecting his heath too. Be a little playful while telling him so. You need to convince him that he needs to solve this health problem and convince that you totally support him in doing so.

Avoid the bitter edge in your tone. Don’t taunt you partner on his snoring habit. It may spoil your relationship. Keep in mind he is not doing it intentionally. You can use several methods to minimize snoring and also there are many snoring aids available.

How to deal with snoring?

Snoring can be a major bottleneck in any romantic relationship but there is no need lose hope because there are several ways by which you deal with snoring.Here are some of the most common cures.

Eat healthy and stay fit – Fitness is a must for every one of us in today’s life. An unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary work habits can lead to being overweight, reverting in even greater issues. The body becomes out of shape and fatty tissues gather all over the body. And the fatty tissues around the neck make you snore while you sleep. So the first way to stop snoring is reduce your weight and have a healthy and balanced diet.

Clear nasal passages – Make sure you have a clear nose because a stuffy nose can lead to problems in inhalation while breathing. A vacuum gets created in throat which leads to the snoring sound.

Stop smoking – Smoking increases the chances of snoring as the smoke irritates the throat membranes resulting into snoring. Even passive smoking may become the reason for your snoring. So make sure you don’t inhale the air in the vicinity of a person who is smoking because it is harmful to you as well. If you or your partner smokes, it should be stopped as soon as possible.

Get regular sound sleep – Don’t just sleep anytime you feel like it. You have a beautiful mind and a beautiful body; you should give them proper rest. Have a fixed routine for sleeping and sleep for at least eight hours. Healthy and regular sleep has been proved to lower snoring.

Use a humidifier – Don’t let the air in your room get dry. Dry air will cause irritation in your nose and throat membranes. Use humidifiers to keep the air moist. Variety of them is easily available in the market.

Avoid pillow – Try not to use a pillow while you sleep. It will minimize snoring.

What are the other snoring cures?

Your eating habits and lifestyle greatly affect your health. There are several products whose intake increases the chances of snoring. Research has shown that those who avoid these food products have succeeded in minimizing snoring and getting sound sleep. So what should you avoid in order to cure snoring?

* Large meals
* Dairy products
* Soymilk
* Alcohol
* Sleeping pills and other relaxants
* Antihistamines
* Caffeine

Snoring aids are helpful

Apart from certain do and don’ts that you can adopt in order to cure snoring, several medical snoring aids are also available. Here is a list of some of them which can help you in curing snoring habit.

* Chin strap-It’s a kind of a band that covers jaw so that the mouth remains closed while sleeping and so that the person will not snore.

* CPAP-Continuous Positive Array Pressure. It’s a kind of small oxygen mask that keeps pumping oxygen into the mouth in order to prevent the throat from collapsing.

* Snoring aid pillow-It’s a pillow specially designed to help minimize snoring. It is cheap as compared to other snoring aids.

* Sprays-Sprays effectively clean the nasal and throat passages and thus prevent any blockages that may cause snoring.

* Surgery-When all the cures and aids fail, the last option is to resort to surgery. Generally a doctor would advice surgery when there is no other way to stop the snoring and the person has severe breathing problem.

Snoring can be a major health issue for the snorer or it may just be caused due to a disorder in sleeping patterns. You need to carefully examine to find the actual reason of snoring and it’s better to consult a doctor. It’s not a matter of shame if you snore a lot; it’s just a health disorder which is not in your hand. After all no one wants to disturb the sleep of his or her partner.

Snoring doesn’t mean the end of your beautiful romantic nights and it should also not bring any bitterness in your relationship. Try and understand your partner and help him cure snoring. Firstly talk to him nicely and tell him about his snoring problem. Ask him to try out different solutions for his snoring problem. Keep trying and don’t give up. Most importantly don’t ignore the snoring habit.

There are many snoring aids also available in the market. No snoring aid can guarantee a full solution to snoring but can surely lower snoring to a great extent. There are many cures for snoring so do not worry and don’t make snoring a big issue in your relationship. Don’t let it come between you and your partner’s love.


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