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Everything You Need to Know About Free Travel Vouchers

Free travel vouchers seem too good to be true to many people, but the fact of the matter is that you can legitimately get free airfare and hotel stays if you can obtain these certificates. No-cost vacation coupons should not be confused with incentives that promise free hotel stays and airfare if you attend a timeshare or other sales presentation. They also should not be confused with discounted or reduced-price vacation deals. Free travel vouchers are exactly what they sound like: tried-and-true free airfare and hotel opportunities. Here’s how they work:

Unless it’s a major holiday or there’s some type of large event happening, the majority of airline seats and hotel rooms are never sold and go unused. Airlines and hotels have recognized opportunity in this because the fact of the matter is that those rooms or seats will stay empty even though the plane or hotel remains in operation. Therefore, they concluded that by giving these unsold seats and rooms away via free travel vouchers, they’ll earn rewards that they wouldn’t have otherwise:

*Hotels know that even if you stay for free, you’ll be highly likely to spend money in their gift shops, restaurants, clubs and function rooms. They also know that you might upgrade your room, pay for additional days beyond the free stay, and ask for other upgrades or benefits that allow the hotel to make money. Additionally, hotels know that if they provide a great room and excellent service during your free stay, you’ll be much more likely to return to the hotel again – but as a paying customer.

*Airlines recognize that they’re paying for the fuel and all other costs whether the flight is full or not. They understand that if they give free seats away that were not going to be sold anyway, you’ll be likely to spend money on other benefits. This could include a meal or drinks, upgrades to business or first class, charges for extras like headphones, pillows and blankets, and fees paid to change dates after reservations have been made. Like hotels, airlines recognize that if your free experience with them is a good one they’ll stand a good chance of landing you as a paying customer later on.

It’s simply good business practice to give these rooms and airline seats away in the form of free travel vouchers, and ultimately everyone benefits.

How do you get free travel vouchers?

Anyone can get a free vacation if they know where to look. There are web-based businesses that will permit you to print these coupons for a one-time fee. (In some cases the fee is annual) Just go to Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine and type in any of the following terms:

*Free travel vouchers
*Free airline vouchers
*Full travel vouchers
*No-cost vacation vouchers

You can also gain access to free vacation coupons by calling a local travel agent, realtor, or even a local information center. Many businesses related to travel and real estate offer these coupons to their current and prospective buyers. However, paying for free printing rights is often the fastest and easiest way: unlimited printing rights can cost as little as $10.

How do you redeem free travel certificates?

All certificates are printed with clear instructions explaining how to redeem. In most cases the customer can simply go to the website listed on the coupon and enter the coupon code, then follow the on-screen instructions. Coupons can also be redeemed by mail or fax, although doing so will take longer than redeeming online.

In most cases there are certain fees that must be paid and refundable damage deposits may be required for hotel stays. For travelers who wish to make certain flight or hotel upgrades, requests must be made at time of redemption and must be paid for in advance where applicable.

Once your redemption information has been received by the processor, you’ll be provided with specific information related to your flight, hotel, or both.

Other uses for free travel vouchers

You can use free travel vouchers for a lot more than just free personal airfare and hotel stays. They can also be used for:

*As an added bonus with products or services
*As a referral fee
*As a way to close a sale
*Offer as part of a membership or renewal
*Offer to new clients
*Offer in exchange for a survey or questionnaire

Free vacation certificates are perhaps some of the most underutilized vacation incentives available. They allow airlines and hotels to benefit from backend income and consumer loyalty, they allow business people and marketers to gain a competitive advantage, and they allow regular people to enjoy a vacation or trip with very little expenses. Without question, free travel vouchers are a win-win situation for everyone.

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