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Free $500 Gift Cards – How to Get Gift Cards For Free

Gift cards can really come in handy; they can be used for almost anything such as; gas, restaurants, clothing stores and much more. Many companies give out free gift cards in hopes that the recipient will take a look at their products or services. It is a good way to get promotion on their end and keep their potential customers happy. Giving out gift cards is also an effective way of advertising, as the recipient of the gift card will make note of the companies ‘generosity’ and take that in consideration when in need of their services and/or products.


Sign-up and point websites- there are many point and gift reward sites that offer gift cards for free. Most of the time, you will just need to sign up using your email and name. You will be rewarded most of the time in “points”. These points can be transferred over to get free gifts and other items. Most of the time, to get these points, you will have to complete surveys, read emails or click on advertisements. The duties and tasks are really small and don’t take much time to complete.

Survey Sites- This is also similar to the ‘point’ websites; the only difference is that you can only gain these gift cards through completing surveys. They don’t really offer any other incentives or tasks such as reading emails. Most of the time, survey sites will allow you to transfer your earnings into cash or a free gift card.

Transfer a prescription- There are many department stores that have pharmacies that will run promotions for a free gift card. This promotion involves the customer transferring over their prescription to their store, in which they will receive a gift card.

Trade shows and events- Most trade shows and other events of free incentives for their guest. Sometimes you will have to be invited and other times, you can just show up or answer a questionnaire.

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